Student Life

I like St. Mary school because of the amazing education. This year I think St. Mary grew in many different things. I appreciate the hard work and time the teachers put into each activity or lesson to help each student understand. I also enjoy the interactive activities we take part in. I look forward to seeing St. Mary School excel even more next year.

Seventh grade student


I like St. Mary school because we get to have field day and pizza. I love the teachers and the friends here, being able to go on friend trips and having the ability to have somewhat of a say. The people around are very friendly and compassionate here. Mrs. Marvin is a great principal who lets us have dress down days. The education is absolutely amazing here! The teachers care about us and really care about what they do. I love this school.

Sixth grade student


I like St. Mary’s for many reasons. One reason is I like the teachers that teach here. They have made me a better person academically and socially. I also like St. Mary because of the basketball team. I have learned more things about the sport and I had a lot of fun playing on the team. Another reason is the projects and experiments we do. Lastly, I like St. Mary because of the people here. They are very kind to me and make me a better person.

Fifth grade student


Once upon a time there was a school called Saint Mary. Its education was the best in the whole land. Their motto was, “We grow in Character, Faith, and Knowledge.” They also try to influence language with Spanish. As well as learning technology and religion. Saint Mary has special classes where you dissect animal hearts and many other fantastic activities.

St. Mary’s student

Our school mission is "Growing in Character, Faith, & Knowledge." St. Mary demonstrates this motto by offering classroom experiences designed to meet the needs of all students. Students also have the opportunity to become involved in many enriching activities both before and after school.