Harassment / Bullying Policy


The Pastor, administration, and staff of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception School believe that all students are entitled to study in school-related environments that are Christ-centered and free of bullying. St. Mary School will not tolerate bullying of any type, and the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken. Disciplinary action may include suspension or expulsion.

Examples of bullying include but are not limited to verbal or written taunting; other offensive, intimidating, hostile or offensive conduct; jokes, stories, pictures, cartoons, drawings or objects which are offensive, tend to alarm, annoy, abuse or demean an individual or group.


  1. Students (or their parent on their behalf) who believe they have experienced bullying shall report such matter to the Principal, who shall be the investigator for these complaints.
  2. A complaint of bullying is to be made to the Principal, or pastor if the principal is the alleged harasser, and shall be as specific as possible regarding details.
  3. The Principal shall immediately investigate the complaint.
  4. Information to be acquired during the investigation of the complaint shall include names of witnesses, dates, times, and the specific charge of bullying.
  5. Stress the need for confidentiality with due regard for the need to conduct a thorough investigation.
  6. No reprisals will be tolerated against complainants, witnesses, or of individuals involved in the investigation.
  7. The Principal shall make a prompt determination regarding any disciplinary action. Notice shall be made to the parties regarding the disposition of the investigation consistent with the privacy of student records.


Upon receiving a complaint from a student, the principal shall discuss the allegations with the complainant-victim to obtain a statement of the facts (e.g., what occurred, when, where, by whom, against whom, names of witnesses). It is the responsibility of the principal to investigate promptly all claims of bullying and to take action as deemed appropriate.

Information regarding an investigation of bullying shall be confidential to the extent possible, and those individuals who are involved in the investigation shall not discuss information regarding the complaint outside the investigation process.

No one shall retaliate against any student because he/she filed a bullying complaint, assisted or participated in a bullying investigation, proceeding or hearing regarding a bullying charge or because they have opposed language or conduct that violates this policy.

All complaints are to be taken seriously and shall be investigated.