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Dear Parent,
We use the LunchTime program for lunch fees for the 2022-2023 School Year.  
  • If you have not already done so, please take the time to put money on each of your student’s accounts by doing one of the following:
  1. You may also send in to the school office cash or checks at any time to be put on your student's account.
  2. You may also pay using credit/debit cards by setting up an account with LunchTime.
You can set up an account with LunchTime by going to:
  • and following the prompts
  • Set up account using the student I.D. provided in your yellow letter
  • EACH student will have their own individual account
  • Here you will be able to make credit/debit card payments to your student’s lunch account, follow your student’s use of lunch funds, check the balance on your students account, and/or restrict the lunch items your student is allowed to purchase.
  • You can access and/or print the instructional manual to assist you with using the LunchTime program.
IMPORTANT:  Emails alerting you of the fact that your student’s funds are running low will be sent out each Wednesday.  Please pay attention to these notices as there will be a maximum allowance of $10 credit extended per student for charging.  Once a student owes $10 he/she will not be allowed to charge in the cafeteria.
Lunch Menu
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