Weekly News 11/3

As the weather cools please be sure that the clothing item your student is choosing to wear in the classroom to keep warm meets the requirements laid out in the

Uniform Policy.  Hoodies are not to be worn in the classroom.


We continue to learn the many capabilities of LunchTime.  If you have questions regarding your student’s lunch habits, please set up an account with LunchTime if you have not already done so.  Go to Schoolpaymentportal.com and follow the prompts.  Each student has their own individual account. Once you have set up and signed into your student’s account, you will see “Cafeteria Balance/Transaction Information.”  Under that heading you will see your student’s name.  To the left of the name you will see the word “transactions” in blue.  Click on that word and all activity on your student’s lunch account will be displayed.


Reminder to families with a Second Grade student:  Monday, November 6, at 7:00 p.m., there is a meeting regarding First Communion being held in the Activity Center.


Friday, November 10, is Yearbook Candid Day.  Scouts can wear (or bring) their uniform to school that day.


Attention Choir and Guitar Choir Members!  8:30 a.m. start time is ONLY for Beginning Guitar and Cantors for the week (those parents will get a Classroom Dojo notice from me). 8:50 a.m. start time (after students arrive normal time, unpack, check in with Teachers and give lunch count) is for all Choir, Guitar Choir and Instrumentalists. Anyone who shows up before normal school time who is not Beginning Guitar or designated Cantors will have to go to Latchkey.


Attention Band Members!  We will have Band every Thursday afternoon until 4:00 up to the Christmas Program.


St. Mary's is already looking ahead to the next the school year. We want your feedback on the school. Please take the time to fill the survey out and submit the Google form to help us continue making St. Mary's school the best that it can be. Your name is optional on the survey, but please do include the grade level of you child/children to help us better understand your responses. All responses need to be in by Wednesday, November 8th. Thank you! See email or Dojo for link.


SSO has agreed to purchase each student a spirit wear t-shirt with the new phoenix logo! Youth and adult sizes are available. The t-shirt color options are navy, white or yellow. Please fill out a new order for each child at St. Mary's. Sample sizes are available in the school office if you are unsure what size to order for your child. All orders must be submitted by Friday, November 8th at 8 a.m. All students without orders by this time will be assigned a size by the school staff. Thank you! See email for link to order.