Teacher Bio, Mrs. Selvaggio

My name is Chelsea Selvaggio and this is my tenth year at St Mary School! I have taught Music classes and led Mass Choir for all ten years, added in Guitar Choir and Band in the next couple of years, and became the Art Teacher last year. Busy times at St Mary's!! I spent my entire childhood in North Canton, Ohio, raised by two musical parents; my Dad sings and directs a Sweet Adeline's Chorus, and my Mom sings and plays the piano!), along with four brothers and a sister. In 1994 I received my Bachelor's in Music Education from Kent State University, where I met my husband! We married that Summer and moved to New York City. We returned to Ohio in 1996 and became proud parents of our son in 1998. My most important job over the next 18 years was to be a Mama! Working part-time, I was able to help out in my son's classrooms, and take the time to be a uniform mom for the marching band. Now he's in college, and I couldn't be prouder! Outside of school, I am the keyboardist and a singer on the Praise Team at the United Methodist Church in Stow. I also sing with the 11:59 Band at the First Congregational Church in Hudson as well as once a month at the Peachtree Southern Kitchen. I am the Musical Director of the Twinsburg Community Theatre, which I have done for 18 years. I am a member of Sweet Adeline's, and my Chorus (Scioto Valley Chorus, out of Columbus)is 5th in the World, and my quartet (Tenacious) is 8th! I also was privileged enough to get to sing on my husband Bobby's last modern jazz album (Quantum Man) which was chosen as one of Downbeat Magazine's “Best of 2017”! As an educator, I have always tried to emphasize the importance of music and art in everyone's lives. At St. Mary School, we are so fortunate to get to talk about the Arts as gifts from God! My classroom setting is much different than any other in the school, as we are up and actively moving almost every class. The Arts are so unique, and because of that, I can cater to some of those kiddos who struggle with the structure in normal classes, but shine in the controlled chaos in mine! I'm always hopeful that some of their successes in the Arts will carry over into their normal classes. My biggest goal is to create a safe, comfy, engaging classroom for all. Everyone has the gift of musical and artistic ability, but at all different levels. I always tell the students that and encourage them to shine to the best of their ability. What a blessing to share with these talented children at St Mary School!