Teacher Bio, Mr. Woods, Sixth Grade

My name is Darryl Woods, and I live in Holmes County, the heart of Amish Country. I have lived there for 25 years while being an active member of the community. Currently, I am the assistant baseball coach for our local high school and am involved with the youth baseball program.

I have a lovely wife, Kelly, and two boys Adrian and Morgan. I also love being outdoors as much as I can. 

My education started at a local high school (Waynedale) and continued at Trine University in Angola Ind., where I earned a B.S. in Biology. This led to working in a hospital lab for 4 years and a biotech business for 17 years, where I was a product development manager working on Liposomal target drug delivery systems for anti-cancer and insulin drugs to consumer products (insect repellant, hair care, skin care, gum, lozenges), in conjunction with world-renowned companies. While working in the biotech industry, I was awarded 4 patents and in 1998 received the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation. After 911 I changed careers and received my Bachelors Plus Degree in teaching from Ashland University and began teaching at St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception in 2003. Since that beginning, I have had a great time teaching here, which inspired me to go on and receive my Master's Degree in Educational Administration in 2011 from the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania.

In my 15 years here, I could not have asked for a better job, which would allow me to personally help so many young people grow and develop into strong vibrant citizens of our community and world. It is truly an honor.