Teacher Bio: Miss Barber, third grade

As the third grade teacher at St. Mary’s School, I have the pleasure of doing many different things. With our small class sizes, I am able to work with my students one on one in order to learn about their needs and abilities while still tailoring my lessons to match their interests. Working within small groups, we are able to perform experiments in our Science Lab, and push students to a higher level in reading and math. Our small staff at St. Mary’s allows me to comfortably meet with my co-workers, like family, to work together on skills that will help me grow as an educator while providing the best services for the students. I love that I am able to send out notifications and pictures of the students working to parents throughout the day using Class DOJO. This has provided the students a great sense of ownership of their work while allowing their families to see what we are learning throughout the week. My favorite part about St. Mary’s School is that the students are very diverse. The school offers many different activities throughout the week including Catholic Mass, Spanish, Academic Challenge, Art Club, Drama Club, and Technology so that there is something to match every child’s interest. Ultimately, I am thrilled to be the third grade teacher at St. Mary’s for the last two years and cannot wait to see what the years to come have to offer!

Miss Barber, third grade