EdChoice Expansion

St. Mary School has been granted the designation of an EdChoice and EdChoice Expansion Grant School through the Ohio Department of Education. The EdChoice Expansion Grant provides tuition assistance for families whose children attend a private school and who meet the eligibility requirements because of income. Students who may qualify for Edchoice Expansion Grant are those currently entering grades k-5 for fall 2019. If awarded, the EdChoice Expansion Grant Scholarship will pay the tuition amount for the St. Mary School.  EdChoice Program provides students from underperforming public schools the opportunity to attend participating private schools. In Wayne County, students who would attend Cornerstone Elementary are eligible for EdChoice Scholarships.  Please visit www.education.ohio.gov/edchoice for information regarding the dates the process is "open", income guidelines, and the application process.

Federal Poverty Guidelines
How do I Apply/Renew?
How to Complete the Income Verification Process